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Automate your molecular diagnostics workflows – from accessioning to final report.

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Manage Next-Gen Sequencing in a comprehensive LIMS platform.

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Bring your workflows online quickly – with resource-wise flexibility to change over time.

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Automate your molecular diagnostics lab -- from accessioning to final report
UNIConnect offers best-in-class workflow systems to support a range of laboratory operations. We pride ourselves on bringing – and keeping – our partners online in a fraction of the time typically required to implement LIS platforms.

Complex workflows deserve a different approach. That’s what we do.
We understand that molecular diagnostics involves complex data management, with requirements that conventional laboratory information systems simply aren’t built to handle.

We support the science and business of precision medicine by providing robust automation, specialized functions, flexibility and hands-on support.

Let us prove it to you
In one hour, we’ll demonstrate how our suite of automation tools can support your laboratory’s requirements, adapt to your unique needs, and have you up and running quickly and reliably. Schedule a Demo

Product Details

  • pMDx: Precision Molecular Diagnostics™ runs as a comprehensive stand-alone system or augments existing clinical LIS with rigorous MDx functionality.
  • pMDx-NGS builds Next-Gen Sequencing workflow into the pMDx platform, for end-to-end process management and complex data handling.
  • pMDx-TOX provides comprehensive toxicology and pharmacogenomics testing automation within a single LIMS platform.

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